£30 per hour or 6 sessions for £150
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Personal Training Milton Keynes

Jump to Photos‘’I’ve been going to Zumba with Cas for about a year now and I love her teaching style so when she qualified as a Personal Trainer I knew she was the one for me.

The first week was so tough I could barely move the following day but in a few short weeks my fitness level has improved dramatically I can now do a plank for 1 minute and go straight into another core exercise. The weights are getting heavier and we’re starting to discuss nutrition and how to maximise the potential of the hard work I’m putting in.

Cas has a way of pushing you beyond what you thought you were capable of but in such a way you know you can do it.’’

Customer Review

Hi Cas
Firstly lets celebrate - in the year since I've been coming to PT I have now lost a total of 22" with 5" of that from round my waist and 8.1/2" from round my hips/tummy, add to that a weight loss of 17kg and a dress size improvement from a 16 to a 10 and I'm now at the weight target I set myself.
So this is where the next stage of hard work begins - continue to tone up the 'flabby bits' and work to strengthen myself and improve my fitness levels.
You are an inspiration on this journey with me leading by example as you push yourself everyday to reach the next goal so hey its onwards and upwards......
- 17th Jul, 2017

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